Pork and Bell Pepper Stew


4 oz margarine

1 lg yellow onion ,med dice

Bell pepper, 1 of each color ..red, orange, yellow ,green   med dice

4 rib celery   med dice

6 cloves fresh garlic, sauté  lightly as not to lose color

5 medium Yukon gold potatoes sliced ¼ in

2 pkg  pork tenderloin cleaned and slice ¼ “medallions

add to above mix and continue to cook

Add flour to pick up ingredients

Add 1  qt  of beef stock until potatoes and pork are tender

Add fresh oregano, thyme

reduce heat

6 Roma tomatoes med dice

Add ripe olives, chopped parsley

Adjust seasoning plate up and garnish with micro sprouts and julienne of color peppers & fresh herbs stems

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