Today Chef Jackson would like to talk about flavor. “As I reworked my biscotti recipe to create a new pumpkin biscotti, I was pleasantly surprised by the aromas and flavors that ran through the kitchen. Not only do we have to have an enticing visual presentation of our finished recipe, but flavor has to be the main factor.

The familiar smells in my kitchen bring back these fond memories. When I was coming up in the kitchen many years ago in Georgia, I asked the chef if he would teach me his craft. He immediately told me to go to the pot sink and get caught up and stay caught up until the end of the evening. In the meantime, he was introducing me to the spices and flavors of the kitchen. Developing that palate as a baseline enabled me to venture off and be creative throughout my career. 

Some of the little tricks I learned thru the years, were putting surprises in different dishes like fresh basil in the greens of the salad. The basil seeds I would get from my plants were put on garlic bread right at the end.

The compliment I received most from my customers and students was what a delicate palate I created. When I was working in a retirement home I was often told to make a great dessert because that is what sticks in their memories. Food is such a wonderful experience for the young and the old. The eyebrows give it away!

Chefs are the gatekeepers of dining establishments , their food has to be good! Be sure to check out my latest creation! Pumpkin Biscotti

Until next time Ciao!”


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